Welcome to the Glam Apps Developer Wiki!

Welcome to the Glam Developer Wiki!

Glam Apps offers developers:

  • Opportunities for app distribution
  • Ad sales for your apps
  • Open Source components to build your own application distribution infrastructure

Do you have an application that you want to distribute to a wider audience? Glam Apps is an application platform for embeddable apps and widgets for blogs and websites in the Glam Network and beyond. If your application is approved for ads, your app can make use of the Glam Ad API and can serve Glam ads in your application.

Glam Apps includes a standardized ad-payment system for developers, publishers, and media companies. Glam Apps offers developers a new opportunity to distribute and monetize their applications.

Glam Apps is built upon Open Social, Google Gadget standards. But we also make it easy for developers to distribute non-Open Social apps. Do you have tasty morsels of HTML or javascript? You can drop them into a Glam App container and make them available to millions of users.

Glam’s Open Source release makes it easy for you to build your own application distribution infrastructure. You can create your own application distribution system using the Atako open source platform.

The Glam Apps Developer Wiki is where you'll find everything you need to know about the Glam Platform. You can read documentation, download source code, report bugs, and chat with other developers.

We're just getting started, so take a look around and let us know what you think.

Latest News: Open Source version of platform released

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