Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Glam?

With a total reach of 41 million unique monthly visitors in the US and 77 million global uniques (comScore Media Metrix), Glam Media is one of the fastest-growing properties online with a compelling mix of fresh, original content on owned & operated web sites and a carefully curated Glam Publishing Network of more than 700 popular, influential websites and blogs.

The next-generation of online publisher, blending equal parts of reach, engagement and distribution, we bring the world of glossy magazine quality visuals and expert editorial into a digital environment accessible by all. With over 700 independent voices contributing fresh editorial, we connect with all kinds of women in verticals including fashion, beauty, health, wellness, and celebrity and entertainment.

Why is Glam launching a platform?

Publishers on the Glam network offer fantastic content to their readers. But many of our publishers lack a technical staff or a budget for development costs. By opening up the Glam platform, web developers can build innovative solutions for publishers on the Glam network, enabling them to add new features with more dynamic, interactive content and opportunities for users to interact.

In the future, we plan to open Glam Apps open to all web publishers in the future because we see an opportunity for a highly curated platform surfacing the best apps for media sites and bloggers.

What is a Glam App?

A Glam App is simply a collection of HTML and javascript packaged for distribution on the Glam Apps platform. If you know how to write HTML, you know how to write a Glam App. In addition, a Glam App can access a rich set of javascript APIs based on the Google Gadget, Open Social, and Glam APIs that will enable your application to serve Glam ads and get information about the site owner and viewer.

Unlike standard widget formats, Glam Apps allows you to create multiple views and navigate between them in the host website so the user can navigate between them.

Can you provide more detail on the kinds of applications you are looking to distribute on Glam Apps?

Glam Apps should be developed with the needs of publishers and end-users in mind.

Imagine yourself as a blogger or site owner. Think about applications (or widgets) that you would want on your site to engage your readers. We invite you to develop applications that could power any publisher’s site, and to consider the verticals we are strong in: fashion, beauty, celebrity and entertainment, lifestyle, and health and wellness.

Think easy-to-use and embeddable. Think functionality or content that a blogger or site owner might not have the resources to develop themselves. The goal is to help publishers enhance their sites, drive more traffic, and engage users.

How you will make your sites aware of the applications?

Glam has deep relationships with its publishers. We will market to the publishers in our network first through direct marketing and initiatives to engage the entire network. As we open up the platform to more sites outside the Glam Network, we plan to position Glam Apps as THE place to find premium applications created specifically for media websites and bloggers.

When will the Glam Platform be available?

The Glam Platform is currently available in beta to approved developers and selected publishers.

App Questions

Where will publishers find my application and how will they be deployed?

Publishers will be able to browse the best apps, tools, and widgets for media sites and bloggers on GlamApps. Publishers will browse and search the gallery and be able to click through to an app view page where they can see the unique value proposition of your application, customize the app, and grab the embed code.

Publishers will be able to save configurations so when they want to change the dimensions, color, or other preferences, they can make the change on GlamApps without changing embed code on their sites.

Do you have recommendations for application size?

The more customizable your application is, the better.

Bearing that mind, here are a few dimensions to keep in mind:

The minimum blog post width for most blogs in the Glam Network is 520 px.

Most of the sites in the Glam Network have sidebars 300 and/or 160px on each side of their site.

Publishers may also use your app on its own permanent page. For example, Allie Is Wired has implemented GlamTV on its own page, giving the app a fixed place on the nav and the site.

Does my app have to conform to Google Gadget sizes (e.g. the size of a gadget on an Igoogle page)?

No, your app can be any width or height.

How will publishers configure (customize) my app?

Here's the user flow:

  • A publisher will see your app in the Glam Apps Gallery.
  • The publisher will click to see more details on an App View page.
  • The publisher will configure the app and grab the embed code.
  • The configuration can happen in one of two ways:
  • If your application has a short, predefined list of preferences supported by the Google Gadget spec, we can render those preferences as simple form controls in a box of 300 px width on the App View page next to your application. You would declare user prefs in your gadget xml. The form controls are a checkbox, a textfield, and a drop-down list.
  • If your app requires more configuration, such as a search box or a color picker, you can offer custom configuration. This configuration view can appear as a box of 300 px width next to the application or you can create a full-page view where you can bring in an iframed version of your application or a custom version of the app for Glam Apps users. We will generate a link to the full-page configuration view from the App View page. When the user clicks done, the user will come back to the Glam Apps site to grab the embed code.
  • If you have a shorter list of preferences that fit within a 300 px box, and a more advanced group of settings that require a full-page view, you could do both a 300 px box and a full-page view. The 300 px box would have a link to Advanced Settings, leading the user to the full-page view, with a button to return and grab the embed code on the App View page.

Can Glam Apps include links to third-party sites?


If I make changes to my app code on, do I need to republish the app for it to take effect? And will publishers have to re-embed the app in order to see the changes?

No. If you edit the existing app, changes will automatically propagate in the app and in published versions of the app.

Do apps installed on Glam publisher sites have access to any context about the page they’re installed on?

Yes, through our freeform, or inline format, applications can insert HTML directly onto the page to examine the contents of the page, linkify content, or add features on the page. Please see Suggested Formats and Glam API Extensions for additional information.

Will you be supporting persistent data of Open Social?

Yes, via the gadget setprefs API (user prefs will be persistent and stored in our database).

How will you handle applications that require a login?

If you need the user to create an with account with your site, you can make that easy by presenting the sign-up form inside the app configuration UI and pre-populating the fields where possible with data you retrieve using our API. If you support Open ID on your site, you can completely automate the sign up process. (However getting the user experience right for users not familiar with Open ID is tricky.)

Is the Glam Platform a Social Network?

Not at this time. The initial release of the Glam Platform supports anonymous user only. Glam Apps have knowledge of the publisher’s profile, but not of the visitor’s profile. Plans are in the works to enable visitor profiles and sharing functionality in future releases.

How is the Glam Platform different from other OpenSocial platforms?

The Glam Publisher Network is made up of 600+ heterogeneous blogs and websites running on a wide variety of blog software and web technologies. Unlike other OpenSocial-based platforms, the Glam Platform enables applications to run on any publisher’s website. The Glam Platform also acts as a reliable middleman, enabling publishers and app developers to share in the profits from Glam's high CPM ad revenue.

The Glam Application Platform’s technology provides functionality that addresses the challenges posed by application distribution on heterogeneous websites by:

  • Providing a way for applications to integrate more deeply into sites
  • Addressing security, manageability and page load time
  • Offering publishers a way to match the look and feel of applications to their sites
  • Enabling applications to tap into already existing visitor identities on websites, and where user identity doesn’t already exist, providing a user-friendly, Open ID-based solution
  • Creating a reliable process for publishers and application developers to profit from Glam Ads.

Ad Questions

What kinds of ads will run in the applications?

Applications approved for Glam Ads get access to Glam’s ad APIs with Glam’s four standard ad sizes:

  • 300 x 250
  • 160 x 600
  • 728 x 90
  • 300 x 600

As the platform reaches scale we will offer smaller IAB ad units.

Can we display our own ads or should we use Glam ad API only?

Developers can use only the Glam ad API for Glam Apps.

How do you see ads being integrated into Glam Apps?

Here are some examples of how an application might integrate with an ad:

  • A polling application that requires the user to view a lightbox for responses (the ad shows up in the lightbox with results)
  • A slideshow that shows an ad every third image.
  • A trivia app that shows an ad after five questions before a new topic.
  • A video app that takes up a full-page view and has room for a leaderboard and skyscraper ad

Am I required to use ads in my application?

No. There are many types of applications that don't benefit from ads.

How will I be able to view my earnings?

Developers will be able to view reports on their earnings and impressions through a reporting tab on Glam