Technical Requirements

The Glam Platform supports the current version of the core Google Gadget 0.7 and OpenSocial 0.7 APIs with limited support for the legacy (iGoogle) APIs. If your application conforms to these specs, it should be relatively easy to port your application to our platform.

The platform’s first release (Q4'08) will enable developers to distribute their applications to Glam Publisher Network sites.

The first release will have partial support for the OpenSocial APIs:
• A limited amount of profile information will be available about the owner of the application (the owner is the website publisher).
• The application must support the case in which the viewer is not known (anonymous).
• The platform will not support messaging and activity stream APIs.

For this first release, Glam is not yet introducing social networking features such as friend relationships and messaging. In the future, Glam will lift these limitations with a full OpenSocial implementation tying together Glam Network sites in a social environment.

However, even in future releases, with full OpenSocial implementation, your application should continue to work well when viewers are anonymous. Not all viewers will be logged in to our publisher’s sites.

Applications cannot require server-side configuration to install on the publishers' site.


If your application requires JavaScript or other HTML code to be embedded directly on the publisher’s web page, Glam will provide an extension to the Google Gadget API that will enable you to do that. An application might require this extension in these cases, when an application needs to:
• examine the contents of the page
• modify or add content outside the real estate in which the app lives
• link content on the page to a page outside the application.

The Glam Platform suggests the use of these four Suggested Formats.